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Ometrium or in the blood supply to the uterus may also cause early miscarriage.  fibroids can cause early labor and premature delivery. viagra canada online There are several types of fibroids: subserous fibroids which grow towards the outside of the uterus pose little problem unless they become so large they press on abdominal structures. Submucus fibroids on the other hand are much more troublesome because they affect the endometrium itself. They may cause a considerable increase in the surface area of the endometrium which means periods become much heavier because there is more lining to be shed. generic viagra online scams Fibroids which stick out into the uterine cavity also interfere with fertility because they may prevent the walls of the uterus from being able to press together to hold an embryo as it attempts to implant. Intramural fibroids only cause problems when they are large or there are several of them. viagra canada If they interfere with a large proportion of the surface area of the endometrium then the chances of a placenta developing and functioning properly throughout pregnancy are reduced and there is an increased risk of miscarriage. generic viagra online scams Intramural fibroids which are large enough to protrude into the endometrial cavity can also interfere with implantation in the same way submucus ones do. Intramural and submucus fibroids can cause heavy or painful periods. Causes of uterine fibrosis uterine fibroids may be caused by any one or a number of the following reasons: hormonal imbalances. Estrogen excess.   fibroids grow in times of high estrogen production for example after the menses and during pregnancy. Exogenous estrogens can be found in the environment such as processed food, pesticides, cosmetics, and plastics. buy generic viagra   other contributing factors to increased estrogen levels include poor digestion and constipation. Low progesterone levels.   this can create an underactive thyroid and anovulatory cycles. viagra no prescription   low progesterone levels may be caused by excess stress. what is viagra lilly Long term use of oral contraceptive pills. Chronic constipation. buy viagra without prescription Dietary factors. Diets high in dairy, eggs, meat, greasy foods, and caffeine. Treatment options for fibroids standard western medical treatment for fib. use viagra soft e.p.e.m. s.r.l.
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